30. Thus spoke the cadaver

某天在facebook看見有人轉載這篇詩。用字很美麗,可惜我找不到誰是作者。有寫此詩取自一本解剖書《BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy 6th edition》,我無從考證,姑且當是吧。

Handle me with little love and care
As I had missed it in my life affair
Was too poor for cremation or burial
That is why am lying in dissection hall

You dissect me, cut me, section me
But your learning anatomy should be precise
Worry not, you would not be taken to court
As I am happy to be with the bright lot

Couldn’t dream of a fridge for cold water
Now my body parts are kept in refrigerator
Young students sit around me with friends
A few dissect, rest talk, about food, family and movies
How I enjoy the dissection periods
Don’t you? Unless you’re interrogated by a teacher

When my parts are buried post dissection
Bones are taken out for the skeleton
Skeleton is the crown glory of the museum
Now I’m being looked up by great enthusiasm

If not as skeletons as loose bones
I am in their bags and in their hostel rooms
At times, I am on their beds as well
Oh what a promotion to heaven from hell

I won’t leave you, even if you pass anatomy
Would follow you in forensic medicine and pathology
Would be with you even in clinical teachings
Medicine line is one where dead teach the living

One humble request I’d make
Be sympathetic to persons with disease
Don’t panic, you’ll have enough money
And I bet, you’d be singularly happy

Body Donation Programme, The University of Hong Kong